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Sell or Rent Your Content

Blockchain technology enables true ownership: you own your content, so you should be able to sell or re-sell content. This dynamic isn’t really possible with Web2: your content may include your name but it is typically not cryptographically signed nor stored on a public ledger. Ownership in Web2 is less clear and requires legal contracts for enforcement.

With Subsocial it could be possible to sell content as NFTs as well as rent out your posts or spaces. You retain the ownership and receive some income, while the renter receives traffic from all the users who visit. Let’s provide an example:


If you wrote a popular post on some topic (e.g. e-commerce), and this post attracts thousands of views per month, then it is feasible to assume that another space-owner recognises that your post attracts a lot of traffic. On Subsocial, you would be able to rent your post to another space for a specific amount of time, and collect royalties for your efforts.