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Smart Contracts

Users of Subsocial are not limited to the built-in monetization functionality that’s natively provided by the chain. Users can deploy smart contracts to express endless creativity in monetization of their content and reputation. It is possible to create different monetization algorithms that are more advanced or tailored to your community. Let’s look at two examples that illustrate the high degree of customization offered by Subsocial when it comes to monetization:

  • A post could be owned by multiple authors and the token distribution could be modified to factor in ownership shares, as well as the number of likes or replies.
  • A space could create unique weekly contests that would reward authors of the three most popular posts based on the number of likes and shares.

We hope to capture the same level of creativity as seen in the DeFi space on Ethereum. We recognise that without smart contracts Ethereum DeFi would not be possible. The interaction between many DeFi projects is an expression of the composability of smart contracts.

We are currently looking into ways to potentially integrate smart contract functionality into Subsocial.