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Roles and Permissions

Subsocial natively offers built-in and dynamic roles. Space owners can specify the role of any Subsocial account in that space, as well as designate which permissions are associated with that role.

Here are some possible roles:

NoneNo account can do this.
EveryoneAny account on the Subsocial blockchain.
FollowerAny account that follows a given space.
Space OwnerThe current owner(s) of a given space.
EditorAble to post in a given space (non-editors cannot).

The roles can assume different permissions as defined by the space owner(s) and/or moderator(s). As with other social media platforms, it is important to define the permissions by considering questions such as:

  • Who can create posts and comments in a space?
  • Is it possible to edit a post or comment?
  • Is it possible to delete a post or comment?
  • Is it possible to upvote, downvote or share a post?

Example: Twitter-like space#

For example, if you want to make your space similar to your Twitter profile, you would implement the following permissions in your space:

  • Only the owner (you) can create posts (tweets).
  • Disable editing of posts and comments.
  • Disable downvotes (Twitter only has upvotes/likes).

Roles and permissions enable a space to be flexible and personal, and allow you to define granular access control. This helps with the management of your space when it represents a group of people such as a community, organization, or team.