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Spaces as DAOs

The functionality provided by the Roles & Permissions modules is reminiscent of a DAO’s characteristics. That is, a space on Subsocial could be run as a DAO. Subsocial allows multiple owners (via multisignature wallets) to collectively control and monetize a space.

Each space can have its own token, therefore space ownership can be represented as a stake in the space’s token. Similarly, each space could evolve by its own governance mechanisms, using the space token as a governance token. As a result of this, each space could have its own treasury that’s controlled by its token holders. This treasury could be used for moderators, content contests, etc. A space could elect to sell ad space within the space, and split up the ad revenue proportionally among all holders of the space's token.

Governance can be used to modify space permissions and roles, elect moderators, or even collectively decide how to block unwanted content.