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Token Distribution

Initial Distribution#

At the launch of the Subsocial parachain, the total token supply will be 1 billion SUB, to be distributed in the following manner:

Private Sales120,000,00012%20% initial unlock, 80% vesting over 2 years.
Public Sale30,000,0003%10% initial unlock, 90% vesting over 6 months.
Advisors & Team250,000,00025%1.2% initial unlock, 98.8% vesting over 2 years.
Initial Crowdloan165,000,00016.5%For Subsocial’s initial crowdloan. Any unused tokens will be sent to the treasury. Crowdloan rewards will have a 20% initial unlock, with 80% vesting over the 48 week period of the parachain slot lease.
Treasury310,000,00031%Used for grants, hackathons, and future crowdloans.
Subsocial Foundation100,000,00010%These funds will be used to facilitate marketing efforts. 2% initial unlock, 98% vesting over 2 years.
Airdrops & Claims25,000,0002.5%Airdrops and token claims to further distribute SUB tokens among the community. 4% initial unlock (10% of The Dotsama Token Claim), 2 year vesting period (the remaining 900,000 SUB from The Dotsama Token Claim will vest sooner).

The treasury is not included in the token release chart because it will not necessarily be circulating. The only way to use tokens from the treasury is to submit a treasury proposal that may or may not be approved.


Once the network is live, each block produced will mint more tokens as a reward for important participants of the network. Initial inflation will be set at 7.5% annually, and can be changed later by on-chain governance.

The parameters may be adjusted to reflect market conditions. We need to ensure that inflation doesn’t negatively impact the utility of existing tokens, but is sufficient to reward certain important participants, such as collators, for performing necessary functions.

The tokens created through inflation will likely be distributed accordingly (these numbers can be changed via governance):

  • 25% for collators and nominators (you can stake tokens to receive staking rewards, protecting you from inflation)
  • 25% for the on-chain treasury
  • 25% for content creators
  • 25% for future parachain crowdloan rewards

It is important to note that as long as token holders can beat inflation by staking, inflation is not a problem, and is actually beneficial, as it incentivizes network security.