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Setting Up Grill Locally

This section covers the steps for setting up Grill locally, and the environment variables that need to be added.

Local development environment setup

  • Fork the Grill Light app on your GitHub
  • Clone the repository locally
  • Rename .env.example file to .env
  • Run yarn && yarn dev to run the project locally

Understanding environment variables

SERVER_MNEMONICThe wallet mnemonic of the server, in order to automatically send users EnergyYes
CAPTCHA_SECRETReCaptcha secret, read here for more information.Yes
NEXT_PUBLIC_MORALIS_API_KEYAPI key to fetch NFT metadata from Moralis. Get your own API key here.No

NOTE: We have already created an example environment file for you for local development. You can rename the file and run the app locally.