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Blockchain Structures

This section covers how spaces, posts, and reactions are related to each other.

Subsocial uses a few building blocks to enable social networking.

Here we will take a quick glimpse of how the major components such as Spaces, Posts, and Reactions are related.

Space-Post-Reaction Relation

A short summary of each is provided below:


A profile is an overview of an account's activity on Subsocial. Profiles can have a profile picture and name, as well as a short bio. Below your profile overview is a collection of all of your posts, comments, reactions, and Spaces. You can view others’ profiles to see this information about them.

Learn more in the Glossary


Spaces are like directories or folders for posts. All posts must be made inside of a Space. Think of a space like a subreddit, Facebook group, Twitter page, or Medium publication. Spaces have some profile features as well, such as Space pictures, names, and descriptions.

Learn more in the Glossary


Posts are how to put content (such as text, audio, images, videos, or links) on Subsocial. Posts are able to be commented on, reacted to, and shared.

❗ Comments are also posts and have the same structure.
Learn more in the Glossary


Comments are replies to a post, and are visible below a post. Comments are treated as individual posts, but they are nested under the parent post.


Reactions are upvoting or downvoting a post (or comment).

Learn more in the Glossary


A follow is when a user chooses to see posts of profiles or spaces in their content feed. Users can follow other accounts/profiles as well as Spaces.