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Create And Update Profiles

This section covers how to create and update profiles on the Subsocial blockchain.

Create a profile

To create a profile it is first necessary to create a space and then set it as the profile.

substrateApi.tx.spaces.createSpace(content, permissionsOpt)

🅸 IpfsContent is function that return substrate like implementation for enum { IPFS: "CID of your content"}.


import { IpfsContent } from "@subsocial/api/substrate/wrappers"

const cid = await api.ipfs.saveContent({
about: 'Subsocial official account.',
avatar: 'Qmasp4JHhQWPkEpXLHFhMAQieAH1wtfVRNHWZ5snhfFeBe', // ipfsImageCid = await api.subsocial.ipfs.saveFile(file)
name: 'Subsocial',

const spaceTransaction = substrateApi.tx.spaces.createSpace(
null // Permissions config (optional)

// Send the spaceTransaction and wait for it to get the newly created spaceId.
// Now set this space as your profile.

const profileTx = substrateApi.tx.profiles.setProfile(spaceId);

Update a profile

Updating a profile is the same as updating the profile space. You can just update the profile space and it will work out of the box.

🆃 SpaceUpdateType: { content: SpaceContent }