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Adding An Extension To The Registry

Every extension that is created needs to be added to the registry to ensure it is listed on the Grill Extension Selector.

Creating An Extension

We need to extend the Extension interface to create values for the extension related details like Modal, Extension and Schema Name.

You need to create the index.tsx file inside the components/Extensions/url directory.

import { Extension } from "../types"
import { UrlExtension, UrlProperties } from "./UrlExtension"
import UrlModal from "./UrlModal"

const url: Extension<UrlExtension> = {
initialize: (properties: UrlProperties) => new UrlExtension(properties),
label: "URL",
modal: <UrlModal />,

export default url

Now, the last step is to add the url to the list of extensions in the registry.tsx file:

import url from "@/components/Extensions/url";

export const registry: Extension<any>[] = [
url // url is added here.

Wohooo 🎊

You have successfully built your first extension on top of Light Grill!

Now keep building for more interesting use cases, and ask any questions here.