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Mobile Claim FAQ

Can I claim from my phone?#

Yes, however, since there are currently no mobile wallets that support Subsocial, you will need to use a mobile web browser that supports web extensions, so that you can use Polkadot.js. At the moment, Yandex is the only mobile browser that supports extensions. You need to install the Yandex browser with the letter "Я" on a red background, as the Polkadot.js extension does not work stably in the classic Yandex browser. Download it here.

Now we need to install the Polkadot.js extension. Open the Yandex browser. Follow this link and select Download for Chrome (this will work in the Yandex browser). Then you are transferred to the Chrome store, press the "Install" button and re-confirm with the "Install extension" button.

Next we need to import the account that we want to claim from, using a JSON-file or the mnemonic seed-phrase. Open the already installed Polkadot.js extension. A new tab with the extension should have opened automatically after installing Polkadot.js. If this did not happen go to the site and click "Sign in" in the upper right corner - the extension will open in a new tab. You will see a greeting on the screen, press "Understood, let me continue".

Next we need to import our account (that we want to claim tokens with) into the mobile extension - click on "+" in upper right corner of the screen and select "Restore account from backup JSON file" or "Import account from pre-existing seed" if you are importing an account using a seed-phrase. Next, in the line "backup file" select your JSON file (if you don't have it, you can export it from the wallet you use, such as Mathwallet), in the line "password" enter the current password (not a new password!). If you import your account using a seed-phrase, you will need to enter the seed-phrase, and then come up with a new password.

Congratulations, you are ready for the token claim! In this version of the browser there will be no pop-up windows as transaction confirmations will appear in a new tab, so you will need to switch a new tab yourself as it does not open automatically.