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Will there be an IDO?#

An IDO is not planned at this time.

Will there be an IEO?#

The team is currently looking into an IEO, but nothing has been announced yet. Follow our announcements channel to stay updated.

Is there a way to get free tokens in order to use Subsocial?#

You can get a free token from our token faucet by filling out a short survey.

How can I buy Subsocial tokens?#

Currently it is not possible to buy Subsocial tokens.

What is the name of Subsocial’s token?#

The name of the token is SUB.

What is the total token supply?#

The total supply is 100m tokens.

Is SUB an ERC20 token?#

No. Subsocial has its own native token built on the Substrate blockchain framework. Our token uses the same technology as DOT, KSM, KAR, and other tokens of Substrate-based chains.

Where can I see Subsocial's smart contracts?#

There are no smart contracts for Subsocial, because it is built as a custom blockchain on top of the Substrate blockchain framework. The Subsocial blockchain is optimized for social networking types of operations, and has very low fees.

Do you have a lightpaper?#

Subsocial Lightpaper

Where can I learn about Subsocial's tokenomics?#

Subsocial Tokenomics

How do I start using Subsocial?#

Install the Polkadot.js extension in your browser. This extension allows you to sign transactions for the Subsocial blockchain. It’s similar to MetaMask (a browser extension for Ethereum).

After the Polkadot extension is installed, create (or import) your account and then you can sign in on the Subsocial web dapp (decentralized application) by visiting this link. To use the dapp, you will need Subsocial tokens, so please visit our token faucet.

Can I use Subsocial on mobile devices?#

You can read posts and comments on mobile devices. Currently it is not possible to post, comment, up/downvote, share, or follow from mobile devices. This is because our current web dapp requires the Polkadot.js extension to sign transactions, and modern mobile browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) do not support the extension. We currently have a mobile app in development.

Is there an existential deposit on Subsocial?#

Currently the existential deposit on the betanet is 0.1 SUB. This is subject to change in the future depending on the overall tokenomics of Subsocial.

I have problems with the Polkadot{.js} extension. What should I do?#

My account is not displaying correctly#

Double check that your extension is connected to the web dapp. If so, refreshing the page helps.

I do not see new accounts from Polkadot.js extension#

If you don’t see new Polkadot{.js} accounts on the web dapp in the top right corner, try to sign out, reload the page, and sign back in.

I reloaded a page, but it did not help#

We recommend reloading the page with cache clean (Ctrl+F5 in most browsers).

My transactions fail#

In most cases, reloading a page of the Subsocial web dapp should solve your problem. If you are still having trouble with sending transactions (when following a space, creating a post or a comment, upvoting, etc.), report it to one of our official chats (preferably main chat in English).

What are the official social links?#

See all of our important links here.

Telegram chats#

Is there any documentation about agreements, privacy or legal status?#

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

Token claim for DOT / KSM token holders#

When were the snapshots of DOT and KSM Balances taken?#

Two snapshots were taken for both Polkadot and Kusama, on April 15th, 2021 and May 21st, 2021.

Here are the April 15th DOT snapshot and the May 21st DOT snapshot, and the April 15th KSM snapshot and the May 21st KSM snapshot.

When will eligible participants be able to claim their Subsocial tokens?#

The date is not announced yet. Follow our announcements channel to keep updated.

Token claim for Uptrennd (1UP) token holders#

When was the Snapshot of 1UP balances taken?#

The 1UP snapshot was taken on May 4, 2021.

When will eligible participants be able to claim their Subsocial tokens?#

The date is not announced yet. Follow our announcements channel to keep updated.

How does Subsocial store user’s content and data?#

Subsocial uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to store user’s content. To learn more about how IPFS fits into the Subsocial stack, check out this article.