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Marketplace for social networking algorithms

The posts, tweets, and news that fill up our news feeds of the most popular social networking websites are controlled by unseen algorithms that have a huge impact on our life. Billions of people use social networks operated by few giant corporations, but no one can see how the algorithm works or choose a more appropriate algorithm that matches their tastes. This point is true across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Medium and we believe all Web 2.0 social platforms.

The curation of information is a sort of power that these companies hold over us. Their algorithms are designed and constantly improved for their profits rather than the content we could be most interested in. A related problem is that of ad curation. There is a balance between the amount of ads per user session and irritation if too many ads are shown. Again, these algorithms are not public.

We have an idea to solve that: a marketplace for feed algorithms. This lets users choose between different curation algorithms such that content in the UI can appear in an order that best suits a user’s preference. Should one algorithm prove not to work, then it can be replaced by another.