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How Can I Maximize My Rewards As A Creator?

Creators on Subsocial are a diverse group, ranging from posters to commentators, with a number of avenues for earning rewards.

In order for a creator to earn rewards, they need to lock at least 2,000 SUB.

The most basic way to earn rewards is by posting. When people like your posts, you will receive rewards, depending on how many likes your posts get, and how much SUB each liker has locked. For this purpose, comments also count as posts; when your comments are liked, you will receive rewards. Additional strategies are available, thanks to Rewards Splitting, which splits rewards between multiple parties in a few situations.

For example, 70% of the rewards for a post will go to the post author, while 30% will go to the owner of the space that contains the post. As a creator, you can retain 100% of the rewards by posting in your own spaces. However, note that 70% of a large number is often bigger than 100% of a small number. Because of this, it may be smart to post in larger spaces with more followers.

Following that theme, creators can also work to grow their spaces, increasing the size of the their audience and community engagement, and allowing other creators to post in it, providing free rewards to the space owner, and increased engagement and rewards for other creators. It's a win-win situation.

Rewards for comments are also split, with 70% of the rewards going to the comment author, and 30% going to the creator of the original post. As a creator, you can work to encourage users to comment on your posts, and like good comments, which will give you more rewards. As a commentator, you can focus on commenting on popular posts, to get as many eyes as possible on your comments, and increase the chances that they will be liked.

When posts are shared, rewards are split 50/50. Therefore, you should create posts with a high likelihood of being shared, as shares can increase your reach and rewards. If you see a great post, you can share it and add some commentary, likely earning rewards in the process!

As you can see, there are a number of ways for creators to maximize their rewards. Determine what type of creator you are, and then craft a strategy to maximize your reach, visibility, engagement, and rewards. Ultimately, the size of your rewards is linked to the amount of activity you bring to the network!