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Dotsama Domains

What are Dotsama Domains?#

Dotsama Domains are custom top-level domains like .polkadot, .ksm, .sub, .wagmi, etc. Unlike the Ethereum Naming service, or the Polkadot Naming Service, which are like URLs for crypto account addresses, Dotsama Domains are multi-purpose and can be used for websites, universally unique usernames, and human-friendly addresses for your Dotsama accounts.

What can I use Dotsama Domains for?#

Dotsama Domains allow for recognizability and ease of use. You can set a domain to redirect to your Sub.ID page, allowing you to verbally share every single one of your Substrate addresses with your friends. These simple domains are more human friendly than long URLs, and make life easier, while allowing customizability and creativity.

Simply compare ksmfan.sub to 3pgFnoLz67beo6BBoMux2fxUQLFCbYAQxkQZqiobYNWjFfZV. Which is easier to remember and share?

Dotsama Domains will be useable in any Dotsama project that supports them, but the .sub domain is special. If Alice buys alice.sub, then we can simply navigate to, or, to be taken to Alice's Sub.ID page, or her Subsocial page, respectively. All apps in the Subsocial ecosystem will have built-in support for .sub usernames.

Imagine creating a username once, and being able to use it on every app.

How do Dotsama Domains work?#

Top-level domains like .ksm are not currently supported by browsers, and they don't know how to handle them. Our Dotsama Domains web extension will give your web browser the ability to handle these domains, enabling the awesome functionality of Dotsama Domains. When you enter a Dotsama Domain into your browser's URL bar, the Sub.ID browser extension will redirect you to a specific site under a centralized TLD domain that browsers do understand, for example, .com. In the future, browsers may add native support for Dotsama Domains.

Where do I get the Dotsama Domains extension?#

It is still in development. In the meantime, if you want to use the domains redirect feature, we have built a centralized workaround, only for .sub domains. If you own alice.sub, you can use the URL, and it will redirect you to the correct location.

How do I register a Dotsama Domain?#

You can register a domain on the registration page.

Will there be a minimum length for domain names?#

Yes. Domain names from 7 to 63 characters long will be able to be registered. Names with 6 character or less will be reserved.

When will reserved domains be available?#

Reserved domains will be auctioned at a later date.

Will my domains expire?#

Yes, if they are not renewed. Initially, domains will last for 1 year, though we plan to add extension options later on. An advantage of expiring domains is that it will prevent the common scenario of great usernames being taken by accounts that haven't been used in years.

Can I buy and sell domains?#

For now, you can only buy new domains, but we are planning to allow selling in the near future. In this way, Dotsama Domains results in a username marketplace. 

Why are Dotsama Domains so expensive?#

Dotsama Domains are much more than just a domain name. They are your universal usernames that can be used across many different apps, and they live on the blockchain, meaning you are the true owner and can resell them as you wish. However, you do not actually spend tokens to register a domain name. The tokens are only reserved in your account, and will be unlocked once your domain registration expires.

What are the future plans?#

We have plans for a Dotsama Domains governance token, and lots of fun domains like .wagmi, .gav, .movr, .chaos, .canary, and more.

Dotsama Domains Browser Extension#

What is the Dotsama Domains browser extension?#

The Dotsama Domains extension allows your browser to use the redirect functionality of Dotsama Domains. Dotsama Domains are custom decentralized top-level domains for Web3 like .polkadot, .ksm, .sub, .wagmi, etc. For example, Alice could obtain ownership of alice.ksm, set it to redirect to her Subsocial page, and Bob could enter the URL alice.ksm into his search bar and be taken to Alice's Subsocial page.