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Finding Content

Finding Content#

The best way to find content is to go to the homepage (which you can always get to by clicking on the Subsocial logo in the top left corner) and then click on either the Dotsama News or Dotsama Spaces tabs, located below the search bar. We have curated the list of Dotsama Spaces for the front page, and the posts in the Dotsama News tab are taken from this list of Dotsama Spaces.

Here you can follow some of the top spaces to start filling up your Feed with content. In addition to following spaces, you can also follow individual accounts. If you follow a space, you will see posts in that space, regardless of who made the post, and if you follow an account, you will see posts made by that account, regardless of which space they are posted in.

To follow an account, simply hover over the account name and click Follow, or click on the account name to go to that accountโ€™s profile, where you can follow them. The same goes for spaces.

Another way to find content on Subsocial is to open the sidebar by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner, and selecting โ€œExplore spacesโ€ in the third section. Here you can see every space on Subsocial, in the order that they were made in.