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Making A Post

Making A Post#

Now that you have a space, it’s time to make a post. The “Create space” button on the top bar will have been replaced with the “New post” button, and, upon clicking it, a pop up will show which spaces you are able to post in. Alternatively, you can go to the page for that space, and click on the “Write post” button below the social links.

Next, you will be taken to the new post page. At the top are two options, Article and Link / Video. Most posts will use the Article option, but if you wish to post a video, use the Link / Video option.

For articles, you can give the post a title if you wish, but it is not required. You can also upload an optional cover photo. Below that is the main body of the post, where you can write and use markdown features to customize the text (for a full overview of markdown, read here).

Below the main post is the Tags section, where you can add some descriptive tags to your post if you want to make it easier to discover.

Finally, there is a field for the Original URL, if you are copying the post from another site, and want to give credit.

Once everything is done, click “Create post” and sign the polkadot.js transaction. Congratulations, your post is now on the blockchain!