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What is Subsocial?

Subsocial is a set of Substrate pallets that allows anyone to launch their own decentralized censorship-resistant social network.

The Subsocial SDK is a set of developments tools (methods, functions, and so on) that allows you to create your own social network on Subsocial.


In order to have an understanding of the SDK it is not necessary to know the implementation of the substrate based pallets that compose Subsocial. However, understanding the relationships between Subsocial entities can help you build within the SDK.

Subsocial uses the following building blocks to enable social networking:

  • Spaces
    • A space is the basic building block for Subsocial, where content lives.
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  • Profiles
    • A profile is nothing more than a space associated with a user, so the process of authentication is easier across multiple dApps.
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  • Posts and Comments
    • Posts and Comments are the building blocks that allow you to store content on Subsocial (whether that is text, audio, images, or videos).
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  • Reactions
    • Reactions enable reacting to posts and comments, through upvotes and downvotes.
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  • Follows
    • Follows enable users to have a relation with specific profiles and/or spaces, having them in their content feed.
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  • Usernames
    • Usernames are crucial for social networking dApps because they enable the mapping of human-readable usernames onto account addresses.
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