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Get started building on Subsocial quickly using the Subsocial Starter

Subsocial Starter is a create-react-app template that gives you an initial template to start building on Subsocial. It has all of the necessary dependencies and configurations that are required to quickly start.


The Starter is the foundational layer for using the Subsocial JS SDK in a React app.

The Starter template provides the following features:

  • Installed package dependencies like @subsocial/api and @polkadot/api
  • API Configurations for Testnet and Mainnet to switch easily
  • React context hooks for Subsocial APIs automatically connects and exposes necessary methods
  • Polkadotjs Wallet methods to easily fetch connected accounts and send transactions for signing

Create a new project

Open the terminal, and run the following command:

  npx create-react-app my-app --template @subsocial/starter

Now, the project is created inside the /my-app directory.

Next, run the following command in the terminal:

  cd my-app && yarn

Make sure you use yarn to install all dependencies, npm might not work.

Update package.json file with the project details.

Running a new project

To run a new project, just do:

  yarn start

You will see the following output in the browser window:

Starter Demo

About the project structure

Understanding the project structure:

  • The config.ts file contains the objects to connect to different networks like the Subsocial Testnet and Mainnet.

  • The provider.tsx file contains the context provider & hook for Subsocial related methods like:

export default { isReady, api, initialize, network, changeNetwork, setupCrustIPFS }
  • The polkadotjs.ts file exposes methods for connecting and getting data from the polkadot.js wallet extension.
export default { logTransaction, getAllAccounts, signAndSendTx }

How to build using the Starter

Once the project is setup, you can go through the App.tsx file that contains the basic usage of connecting to the testnet, fetching a space, and creating a new space.

Now, you can start exploring the ideas and build on Subsocial.

We have list of methods to read and do transactions on chain. Try out the code snippets in the Subsocial Playground

The following pointers to have in mind:

  • Build on the Testnet first. And get some test tokens here
  • Before experimenting locally, try the code snippets on the Playground
  • Go through bounties repository, to get some project interesting project ideas
  • Facing issues? Report them in our Discord or Telegram channels

Other helpful resources