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Create, Update, And Delete Reactions

This section covers how to create, update and delete reactions on the Subsocial blockchain.

const substrateApi = await api.substrateApi

Create a reaction

substrateApi.tx.reactions.createPostReaction(postId: AnyPostId, kind: PalletReactionsReactionKind | "Upvote" | "Downvote" | Uint8Array)


const tx = substrateApi.tx.reactions.createPostReaction('1', 'Upvote')

🆃 ReactionKind: PalletReactionsReactionKind | "Upvote" | "Downvote" | Uint8Array

Update a reaction

Change the type of reaction.

substrateApi.tx.reactions.updatePostReaction(postId: AnyPostId, reactionId: ReactionId, newKind: ReactionType)


const tx = substrateApi.tx.reactions.updatePostReaction('1', '53', 'Downvote')

🆃 ReactionType: 'Upvote' | 'Downvote'

Delete a reaction

substrateApi.tx.reactions.updatePostReaction(postId: AnyPostId, reactionId: ReactionId)


const tx = substrateApi.tx.reactions.deletePostReaction('1', '53')