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Fetching Usernames

This section covers how to fetch details about a particular username on the Subsocial blockchain.

What are Subsocial Usernames?

Subsocial usernames allow you to map a human-readable name to your Substrate account. Read more here.

The Subsocial username entity allows you to map data like URLs, text, and spaces to a human readable text string. To explore these properties of an already registered username, we can use the following approaches:

Usernames by owner

An owner is a substrate account that can hold up to 3 usernames for now. With the following method we can fetch all of them:

api.blockchain.domainsByOwner(accountId: string): Promise<string[]>


const accountId = '5HYYeCa1Hae5YYGJ2pHskHLVrA7V5WjaSuSbntidhhD9qqgs'
const usernames = await api.blockchain.domainsByOwner(accountId)



Try it yourself, on the Subsocial Playground.

Details by username

A username entity holds a lot of values on-chain like created, expiresAt, owner, content, innerValue and much more.

Let's see how we can explore these properties by passing the username:

api.blockchain.registeredDomain(username: string): Promise<PalletDomainsDomainMeta[]>


const username = 'olehmell.sub'
const usernameDetails = await api.blockchain.registeredDomain(username)
return usernameDetails


"created": {
"account": "3omeLMCdtrojRPf7KyvTg78EvLxyJMo7mb2bqM28EEvxmXFM",
"block": 344181,
"time": 1649878698238
"updated": null,
"expiresAt": 2972181,
"owner": "3omeLMCdtrojRPf7KyvTg78EvLxyJMo7mb2bqM28EEvxmXFM",
"content": {
"none": null
"innerValue": {
"space": 1626
"outerValue": "0x68747470733a2f2f6769746875622e636f6d2f6f6c65686d656c6c",
"domainDeposit": 0,
"outerValueDeposit": 2700000000

Username of a space

A space can have username pointing to it. While building apps you might want to know about these usernames, and you can easily get them using the following method:

api.blockchain.domainNameBySpaceId(accountId: string, spaceId: AnySpaceId): Promise<string>


const accountId = '3osmnRNnrcScHsgkTJH1xyBF5kGjpbWHsGrqM31BJpy4vwn8'
const spaceId = '1'

const username = await api.blockchain.domainNameBySpaceId(accountId, spaceId)
return { userName: username }


"userName": "subsocial.sub"